PRISM: measuring savings the easy way

A standardized tool for estimating energy savings from billing data. An easy-to-use software package requiring only readily available data.


The Advanced Version of PRISM® (PRInceton Scorekeeping Method) makes it easy to transform run-of-the-mill billing data into statistically sound savings estimates. With PRISM, utilities and energy analysts can systematically estimate total savings from a conservation or demand-side management program, for large samples of houses or buildings participating in a program, and for comparison groups as well. Enhanced model tuning and data pruning in PRISM produce reliable savings estimates and expanded statistical capabilities, from readily available data.

PRISM, originally released in 1986, and available since 1995 as a Windows-based easy -to-use software package, has been acquired by some 700 organizations, and has become a standardized billing-analysis evaluation method used by utilities, private firms, government agencies, and universities. PRISM has a Windows-based user interface that integrates major statistical functions with numerous user-friendly features. For more information on methodology see the detailed description and the publications pages.